The centre was started by Agneta Auma to provide orphaned and vulnerable children of the community a chance at quality education.It currently has classes fromĀ  PP1 to Grade 3 with a total of 50 learners since it's inception in January 2018. The children are taught by 4 qualified teachers with assistance of 2 non-teaching staff.

The centre targets mostly orphaned and vulnerable children and those in poverty stricken families.

Sources of funding

  • Individual contributions
  • Well wishers such as church organizations & philanthropists

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Objectives of starting the institution

  • To offer quality and affordable education to the orphan and vulnerable children in the community
  • To offer quality education to the poverty stricken children who did not attend school because of socio-economic challenges.

We welcome you to check out our activities and give a helping hand so we can cater for these children who are less privilege and left behind in the community in terms of acquiring basic education in school.